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I'm a high school student. Currently, I'm on the third ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education, Google Translate says) grade. I don't have any extra English studies, only the school English which we learn since we were six. Even though, I think my English is fairly decent.

I've been hopping for a long time, until I found Ubuntu 12.04 much more stable than Ubuntu 12.10. I think I'll stay on my precise friend until Raring comes.

I like developing, specially in Python and Java. I'm currently the active developer of the UnBot Project, an IRC bot for Wikimedia channels, written in Python.

I also write a blog. Some of those opinions show my ex-hater self, but I prommise I changed :P.

Finally, I'm COMECON at UbuntuForums and Catbuntu and esy on the Freenode IRC network.

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