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I am an extraordinarily hoopy frood who is at all times aware of the location of his towel.

Hi! My name is Benjamin. I'm an American expat settled more or less permanently in Düsseldorf, Germany. My professional work is mostly writing web applications based on PHP. I am also a fluent speaker of Japanese and German, a life-long ballroom dancer, a passably good Go player, a Master League Protoss and a proud papa. I also play piano and juggle, both with a great deal more enthusiasm than talent.

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comment How to address more than one person in an E-mail?
This is a really good question, and it's of a class of questions that has befuddled me ever since I started speaking German: Dealing with groups of mixed Du/Sie status. Even Germans will tell you that there is no easy solution to this kind of thing.
comment Is there an idiomatic equivalent for “polyglot”?
Regarding "Er ist sprachbegabt", I'm not sure that's correct. I've frequently been described as "sprachbegabt" by native speakers because my German accent is quite light (/brag), though German is my only foreign language as far as they know.