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Cody Gray

My first name is Cody, not Code. Your @comments may not get to me if you type @Code rather than my name.

I'm a former system/network administrator who got so bored with the monotony of that job that I taught myself a couple of programming languages. I'm addicted to solving problems and happiest when I'm completely engaged in a challenge.

My primary languages are VB.NET and C#. I also know VB 6, VBScript, and a little about C and C++. I have extensive knowledge of the Win32 API and am currently working on a project in MFC.

I absolutely despise non-native UI. Why do you feel the need to skin controls just to make them look different? You know that the user can change their operating system's default theme themselves, right? Has it ever occurred to you to respect that choice? Yes, major software firms are guilty of this, too. That doesn't mean you should imitate their decision to override the user.

Brevity is not necessarily my strong suit.