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My StackOverflow CV

Ceramic collector, obsessive cook, entrepreneur and professional geek.

I was doing a one-person consultancy for a couple of years, doing some Rails stuff, some .Net services work, and some work in Groovy/Java for a pharmaceutical firm called Dendreon. When that project wrapped up, I took a Rails-focused job at a hybrid Ruby/C# shop, Getty Images.

I'm interested in functional languages like Scala and F# but have relatively limited real-world experience with them.

In previous lives, I've worked for Microsoft, Revenue Science (now Audience Science), Zillow, and a travel company called Virtuoso, the Seattle Times, and a very strange financial/transportation conglomerate.

My long term professional ambition is to find a way to work from Tokyo/Kawasaki/Yokohama either 100% or via frequent travel or remote work opportunities. If you're interested in tracking down a reasonably competent Rails or ASP.net MVC guy and are located near Seattle, WA or Tokyo, Japan or don't mind me working mostly remotely, feel free to contact me.

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comment Is there an equivalent prestige dialect of German in the same way Received Pronunciation is to English? If so, how did it come about?
A near parallel might be the exaggerated enunciation common in Hochdeutsch public speaking, which I think is called Bühnendeutsch; since it's a style that became popular with local mayors and not just the theater, and since it retains some presence in modern public speaking, you could argue that there is some association with authority, though maybe not prestige. The purpose probably has more to do with clarity than prestige, but considering the practitioners tend to be public figures, it's worth considering.
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