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One-liner: Finance/data tinkerer by day, hobbyist composer by night. Academically interested in AI/ML and machine perception (currently working on a PhD in sound classification with machine audition techniques).

Educational background: Master of Finance, now pursuing a PhD in Computer Science (audio data analysis, signal processing, music recommender systems, MIR etc.).

Professional interests:

  • Quantitative finance
  • Financial markets

Academic interests:

  • Machine perception, audio data analysis, music recommender systems, MIR, signal processing and identification, audio mining
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, statistical analysis

Personal interests:

  • Music composition and sound design
  • Foreign languages
  • Fantasy books

My business card: karol.piczak.com

My web presence: karol.dvl.pl

comment When to use Perfekt and Präteritum?
The example was purposely exaggerated to comment on the spoken/written rule, but it is like @musiKk said - at times it's only a gut feeling of something sounding right or not. I would probably find it hard to explain to someone else though, which I assume would mean that deep down I don't really know the difference that well.
comment Is there a good online resource to look up the etymology of German words?
@thei, you're question (german.stackexchange.com/q/2/34) is more about German-English dictionaries, at least the way I get it. Here it's rather about monolingual specialized dictionaries.