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comment What is the best way to say “Thanks for reminding me”?
I suggest replacing "only for private correspondence and if you are on first name terms" with "if you are on first name terms". Switching between Sie and Du depending on the context (business or personal) is highly uncommon in German. You are either on "Du + first name" terms with someone or you are not. Context is irrelevant. (Of course, whether Du terms are offered depends highly on the context.)
comment Polite way of asking someone not to “duz”
@Herr Kaleun: On "kannst much ruhisch dutzen", I would answer something like "Im geschäftlichen Umfeld bevorzuge ich das Siezen" if I'm in a store. That way, you make clear that you don't object to du-ing him but to du-ing in a business setting in general.
comment If my professor says “du”, can I use “du”, too?
Asymmetrical "du" is quite normal if the other person is much older or definitely higher in hirarchy. Unless the younger one is a child, I definitely disagree. Yes, it's in use sometimes, but it's perceived as odd and impolite nowadays, and I wouldn't call it "normal".