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In person I'm a bit of a sarcastic shite, but I do have quite a few other interests bar being ironic. I study with the Open University in the UK as I'm a huge fan of self-progression and learning. I don't learn to further myself career-wise, I do it simply because it's fun and a worthwhile task.

I'm also incredibly interested in politics, though this has recently been mainly focused on the UK as that's my country of residence. I'm very concerned regarding the Con-Dem coalition and the hard-line tactics of the police force (before and after the recent protests).

I'm currently trying to read as many books as I can on philosophy, political science, atheism, religion, science and logic as I can. This can be quite hard as I start reading one thing and then go running off to in a flurry of interest when it mentions something I don't know (which is a hell of a lot).

Keeping a low profile.

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