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Specialising in Petroleum Engineering: I am fascinated by compositional oil analysis, underbalanced drilling, reservoir analysis, decision making trees, applied mathematics and operations research. I wrote one thesis on my Hypercube algorithm here related to the PRA in nuclear reactors -- this algorithm is not just related to nuclear reactors but to any decision making problem that can be modelled with decision trees and multilinear functions. Multilinear functions are speedup opportunities to many practical challenges.

My background contains International Baccalaureate (Natural Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, 2005-2008), Computer Science (2008), Engineering Physics and Mathematics (2009-2014) and now Petroleum Engineering (2014-).

My goal now is to find strong partners such as international employer to whom I could write M.Sc. thesis related to some of the topics above. I am also interested in co-founding opportunities. Anyone able to help are very welcome to contact.

Motivational material!

3 Principles of Success (Harford)

  1. Seek out and try new things.

  2. When trying something new, do it on a scale where failure is survivable.

  3. Seek out feedback (to determine your level of success) and learn from your mistakes as you go along.

P.s. 6 ways to kill creativity, contact in forename@surname.com.