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Specialising in Petroleum Engineering: I am fascinated by compositional oil analysis, underbalanced drilling, reservoir analysis, decision making trees, applied mathematics and operations research.

My background contains International Baccalaureate (Natural Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, 2005-2008), Computer Science (2008), Engineering Physics and Mathematics (2009-2014) and now Petroleum Engineering (2014-).

My goal now is to find a strong international employer to whom I could write M.Sc. thesis related to some of the topics above. Anyone able to help are very welcome to contact.

Motivational material!

3 Principles of Success (Harford)

  1. Seek out and try new things.

  2. When trying something new, do it on a scale where failure is survivable.

  3. Seek out feedback (to determine your level of success) and learn from your mistakes as you go along.

P.s. 6 ways to kill creativity, contact in forename@surname.com.