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regarding vs. hinsichtlich/wegen - how to express "regarding" in German?

In English, a word "regarding" is quite frequent. I can use it even as a "buffer word", or a word for "changing the topic". Eg. I talk to my friend, the conversation ...

user avatar asked by jansulc Score of 6
user avatar answered by bakunin Score of 7

why is it 'Solcher' in this sentence? (solcher Vokabeln)

I was studying a video and found a sentence in which I can't exactly understand the usage of a word. Please see Because the word '...

adjective conjugation  
user avatar asked by Chan Kim Score of 5
user avatar answered by Tilman Schmidt Score of 4

What's the feel of the last line in this poem?

The below poem was written as a dedication in a book. It was written by someone who was known as being very funny, but did not like it if anyone else was able to get laughs - and did not get on with ...

meaning meaning-in-context  
user avatar asked by ajor Score of 4
user avatar answered by Olafant Score of 6

What are the jokes in these quotations attributed to Paul Meyerheim?

Here are a couple of "witty" expressions attributed to Paul Meyerheim. I'm struggling to understand the humour in these - anyone able to help? Als Isadora Duncan in Berlin in Mode kam und ...

meaning meaning-in-context wordplay  
user avatar asked by ajor Score of 4
user avatar answered by Henning Kockerbeck Score of 6

Wie lernt man die Kollokationen zwischen Präpositionen und anderen Wortarten am besten, auf höherem Niveau (C1/C2)?

Mir hat mein Deutschlehrer ein Blatt gegeben, wo die fehlenden Präpositionen auszufüllen sind. Es ist auf höherem Niveau (C2), und ich habe bemerkt, dass es manchmal wirklich schwierig ist, die ...

preposition verb noun learning collocation  
user avatar asked by Cerulean Score of 3

How does one express the ordering of thoughts?

This is a dialog that occurs in Asimov's, I, Robot: “To Vincent Silver? — He hasn’t mentioned anything about it to me.” “I asked him to speak to no one. Apparently, he hasn’t.” “And what did he tell ...

english-to-german phrase  
user avatar asked by user44591 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Olafant Score of 2

Are there any Kausal and Modal prepositions in German?

I have recently studied "Temporale und Lokale Präpositionen" and learned to write sentences in TeKaMoLo format. So it struck me that whether there are any Kausal and Modal (KaMo) ...

preposition standard-german  
user avatar asked by AKJ Score of 2
user avatar answered by bakunin Score of 9

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

List of 1000+ (most common) German nouns with plural form

Has anyone managed to find a list of this kind in a tabular form, possibly with articles? Something like this would be ideal: ---------------------------- das Kind | die Kinder | der Hund | ...

noun resource vocabulary  
user avatar asked by Danilo Radenovic Score of 25
user avatar answered by Rob Score of 8

Welche Bedeutung hat "Borussia" im Namen von Sportvereinen?

Eine ganze Reihe von deutschen Sportvereinen trägt die Bezeichnung "Borussia" (lateinisch für Preussen) in ihrem Vereinsnamen. Für Borussia Dortmund lese ich bei Wikipedia zur Namensgebung: Einer ...

etymology single-word-request history  
user avatar asked by Takkat Score of 15
user avatar answered by SImon Score of 8

Wie kann man die Bedeutung von Verben mit Vorsilben ableiten?

Es gibt richtig viele Verben, die Vorsilben haben. Z. B. das Verb sehen kann mit verschiedenen Vorsilben kombiniert werden: absehen ansehen aussehen besehen durchsehen einsehen versehen vorsehen Es ...

verb prefix  
user avatar asked by Abdulla hawara Score of 9
user avatar answered by Matthias Score of 11

What is the German word for: "It only works when I try to show you how it does not work"?

In reading a web page on increasing word power, there was a German word with the definition that means: It only works when I try to show you how it does not work. Is there a single word in ...

meaning-in-context single-word-request  
user avatar asked by user40125 Score of 56
user avatar answered by πάντα ῥεῖ Score of 78

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen kommissarisch und interim?

Gibt es Unterschiede zwischen den beiden Begriffen? kommissarischer Manager Interim-Manager

user avatar asked by J. Doe Score of 15
user avatar answered by Jonathan Scholbach Score of 20

When to use "bezahlen" and when "zahlen"?

Leo shows that both bezahlen and zahlen are translated as "to pay". I noticed that people sometimes use the one, and sometimes the other. So, when to use bezahlen and when zahlen?

meaning difference word-choice  
user avatar asked by BЈовић Score of 53
user avatar answered by chirlu Score of 45

Stellungnahme mit "Meiner Meinung nach"

I 'm about to complete B1 (Yay!) and Goethe Institut has changed the examination pattern from this year on. We're supposed to write a Stellungnahme in Teil schreiben and I wish to write my answer in a ...

sentence-structure proficiency-test  
user avatar asked by thandasoru Score of 11
user avatar answered by c.p. Score of 12
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