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When does Stack Exchange ask for my cookie consent?

Stack Exchange has never sold and will never sell your personal data to any third party. If you’d like to learn more, please see our privacy policy.

Stack Exchange asks for your consent to the non-essential cookies we use under three circumstances:

  1. We ask for consent if it’s your first visit to the site (or you have not yet selected your cookie consent preferences). Until you make a consent selection, you’ll continue to be prompted for your consent.
  2. We ask for consent if it’s been one year since you made your cookie selections. In order to make sure that your consent settings are up to date, and in accordance with applicable data protection laws, we ask you to confirm your consent settings once per year.
  3. We ask for consent if we have made material changes to our cookie policy since the last time you made consent selections. Importantly, if we add a new cookie, or if the way we use a current cookie changes significantly, we will ask you to consent again.

Please note: Certain browser addons, such as popup blockers, may interfere with our ability to save your cookie preferences. If you have such an addon, you may see a cookie consent prompt appear on every page.

Your consent settings control which non-essential cookies Stack Exchange can store. We would strongly encourage you to review our cookie policy, which is the location where we describe what cookies we set, and how they are used.