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Jan 25 at 9:34 comment added Hubert Schölnast @Juandev: Wrong! I wrote: "Everything that was explained in the answer you linked to in your question, is true also for dates before Christ. You just have to add »v.Chr.« The rest is the same." In this other answer you can read for example: "1315 dreizehnhundertfünfzehn". As a conclusion 1350 BC is in German "dreizehnhundertfünfzig vor Christus", and this is what you should learn. The other possibility ("tausenddreihundertfuenfzig v. Chr.") is not completely wrong but very unusual, so you should avoid it.
Jan 25 at 8:44 comment added Juandev So 1350 B. C. is not red "dreizehnhundertfuenfzig v. Chr.", but "tausenddreihundertfuenfzig v. Chr."?
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