While thinking about this question: Are "friends" and "Freunde" false-friends?

I realized that there is one use of "Freund" that does not indicate a lot of closeness:

How do you say: "Freundschaft, Genossen!" in English?


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The British trade union movement and the political left in general tend to use brothers and sisters instead of comrades. I think the expression

Solidarity, brothers and sisters!

would match their idiom and the original sentiment reasonably closely.


"Freundschaft!" ("Friendship") is — as far as I know — a form of salutation still common among Austrian Socialists/Social Democrats.

I don't think there is an appropriate English translation. I've seen this on the Internet while doing some research:

With socialist greetings,


I'd translate it with

Friendship, comrades!


In politics there are mainly two terms to address members of the own party:

Parteifreunde = used in more conservative parties

Genossen = used in the more left-wing oriented or socialist parties (e.g. SPD, PDS)

The term in quesition would only be used in the context of a left-wing oriented or socialist party setting. Literally it would translate with

Friendship, comrades!

but this expression seems not to be used as a socialist greeting in English.


In my experience in American left organizations, the proper greeting would be "Good day Comrades, Sisters and Brothers" or thereabout...

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