Wiktionary entry about the word "Level" gives 2 possible genders for that noun, but without explaining, is there any difference between them. Google search also hasn't given me any reasonable answer*.

Is there any difference between der Level and das Level, so it doesn't matter which one I use, as long as I'll be consistent about it, or they are used for different types of "levels"?

* I've found a discussion on gutefrage, where the 2/3 of content were marketing links, and 90% of the rest were trying to offend previous poster

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    "gutefrage" - the source of all wisdom. Not. Check it out and see how many answers say "I don't know either...". Commented Mar 18, 2014 at 12:52

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I think there is not really a difference. Everything where "Level" is used, you can use both of them. If it is a pysichal level, the level of a character in a video game or the level as a synonym of map (also gaming context).

Everywhere you can use

"der Level" or "das Level"

Maybe its not clear, because its not a native german word. Synonyms in german woudl be

Niveau (also not native german), Höhe, Ausmaß

That leads me to this post, where the gender of "new" words is discussed.

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I do not know if my use here is correct, but i use "der Level" when talking about level in relation with a character level (rpg), and "das Level" when talking about a stage in a game or when it is in relation with niveau.

Das Level mit den vielen Pflanzen ist schwer. (talking about a game)

Welchen Level hat Dein Charakter? (talking about character level)

Wir bewegen uns hier auf einem völlig anderem Level. (talking about niveau, 'das Level' here)

I agree to other answers stating that both are correct, as both are commonly used and nothing 'sounds wrong'. Anyway, I would always tend to use it like this, even if i would not correct others who do not. This might be a personal opinion, but since i am a native speaker and feel fine with this, maybe someone has a detailed explanation..

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