In the last days I have come across the question:

What is the singular of 'Ferien'?

Plural: die 'Ferien'

But what is the singular?

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There is none, it's a plural word. If you want to talk about a single holiday, as it were, you'd use Ferientag or Urlaubstag. Very often people will say that they are taking a day off (nehmen sich einen Tag Urlaub) or using some comp time (Zeitausgleich nehmen).

The word directly derives from the Latin "feriae", which already was a plural-only word.

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In every language there are nouns that have only a plural form, but no singular. In German for instance Leute, Kosten, Ferien. The grammar term for such plural nouns is Latin Pluraletantum, which means " plural only". de.wikipedia has more information:



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