From Spiegel Online:

Psychologie mit dem Vorschlaghammer und ein Drehbuch, das in die Asservatenkammer gehört: "Winternebel", der witterungsaktive Entführungs-"Tatort" aus Konstanz, ist unfreiwillig komisch.

What does "unfreiwillig komisch" mean here? Even literally translated into English, it would be "involuntarily funny", which doesn't really make that much sense.

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    Seems ok to me. Something that ends up looking or being funny, even if that was not intended or intentional. Also beware that "komisch" can also mean "strange".
    – persson
    Oct 3 '14 at 17:05

An idiomatic translation of unfreiwillig komisch would be

unintentionally hilarious

but I guess the literal translation involuntarily funny can be understood, too: According to Spiegel Online, the Tatort crime movie is funny because it has a bad, laughable script (or is poorly acted) - although, by the producers, it is not meant to be funny.


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