A children's book has the title "Mein tierisch tolles Bildwörterbuch Deutsch". The word tierisch in the title confuses me a bit.

I would have the book title as "Mein tierisches tolles Bildwörterbuch Deutsch". What is the reason for dropping the "-es"? Is tierisch an adverb or something?


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"tierisch" is an adverb in this case and qualifies "tolles". You can write "tierisches" but then it would qualify "Bildwörterbuch". So by writing "tierisch tolles" you mean something like "sehr tolles" - "very great", to keep it simple, and by writing "tierisches tolles", you would mean something like "animalistic and great".


Tierisch acts as a qualifiyer of toll: Not simply amazing, but animalistically (?) so.

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