Two girls talking about boys:

– Und was macht mein Typ mit der Brille? Wo ist der denn hingegangen? Siehst du den irgendwo?
– Nee, den kann ich nirgends entdecken.
– Na ja, so interessant ist der auch gar nicht gewesen.

Source: em Übungsgrammatik

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It is (Präsens)perfekt of "sein" with nice, hard to translate modal particles. I'd say that the most fitting translation is:

He just was not that interesting.

"nicht" should be clear. "gar nicht" is "really not". "auch" means too, but here it puts emphasize on the fact that he wasn't interesting. I translated the modal particles with "just .. that".


Dic.cc has a lot of Englisch-German equivalents for German gar. But "auch gar nicht" is lacking. Almost impossible to explain situations when you would use auch gar nicht. And I won't make an attempt to try it.


Das war auch gar nicht meine Absicht!

I would translate: That wasn't my intention anyway!

But maybe there are better translations.


I think I found a relevant (colloquial) dictionary entry: (from here)

so ... ist jd./etw. nun auch wieder nicht

may be translated as

sb./sth. is not as ... as all that [coll.]

Hence, your sentence may be translated as

Oh well, he was not as interesting as all that.

Would be nice if a native English speaker could confirm that this phrase is actually in use.

Here is more evidence for the existence of that phrase:



  • I'm not native English speaker, but your translation sounds awkward. I've never heard "as all that". I'd say "He was not all that interesting anyway". – Robert Oct 12 '14 at 20:03
  • Mind you, it is colloquial. Hence, the fact that you have not heard it does not mean it is not used. I provided some links, more evidence exists on google. Your translation has a similar meaning, but "that" corresponds to "so" in the German sentence, and the question is about "auch". – painfulenglish Oct 12 '14 at 21:00

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