From this link and this link, I learnt that two-way prepositions are followed by Akkusativ when the situation involves action towards something.

Then I came across this sentence on a college website:

Bitte gehen Sie vor der Anmeldung in die Beratung im X.

Since this sentence involves motion towards a place, why are they using vor + Dativ?

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    Vor doesn't refer to a place/location. It is used to indicate time.
    – Kolja
    Commented Oct 31, 2014 at 8:12

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"Vor" is temporal here:

Please go to the consultancy in X before signing up.


As the others have already said: "vor" is temporal here, which means it takes the dative.

Look at your sentence again. The motion expressed in it is not towards the "Anmeldung" but towards/into "Beratung". So "vor" obviously isn't involved in the motion - it belongs to the phrase telling you when to perform this motion: "vor der Anmeldung".

Incidentally, the temporal and local senses of "vor" are not that different:

indicating movement, it takes Akkusativ
indicating a point in space, it takes Dativ
indicating a point in time, it takes Dativ
[Except when you're "moving" a date to a certain point in time as Emanuel correctly points out]

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    Careful... "Ich lege mir meinen Urlaub vor die Feiertage". It's a point in time, yet done with accusative.
    – Emanuel
    Commented Oct 31, 2014 at 11:55

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