I'd like to know which verb to use for "perceive" in this context. Dictionary gives me "empfinden" and "wahrnehmen". Also, how to say "as what". I know "was" is but not sure whether "als was" is correct.

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    I retracted my downvote. Question is much better now. Thanks for editing. – I'm not sure if I really perceive what the English sentence implies, but I would go with a much simpler translation: "Als was Briten gesehen werden". Both "wahrnehmen" and "empfinden" doesn't sound right to me (in this context). I might be wrong but it's hard to tell without context.
    – Em1
    Nov 12, 2014 at 19:27

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Als was werden wir Briten [von anderen] wahrgenommen?
Als was wird das Vereinigte Königreich wahrgenommen?

The suggested phrase conveys perception on a more emotional level, like "How do other people feel about what we do?":

Als was werden wir Briten empfunden?
Als was wird das Vereinigte Königreich empfunden?

Another possibility is to use "how" instead:

Wie werden wir Briten wahrgenommen/empfunden?

  • Thanks very much, much appreciated. I'll use the final possibility (Wie werden wir ...).
    – user11020
    Nov 12, 2014 at 17:47

Ich würde hier einen Anglizismus verwenden:

Wie ist das allgemeine Image von England?

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