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Dank dieser Gerüchte dürfte Marco Reus zum ersten Mal in seiner Führerschein-Affäre schmunzeln müssen.

What does "dürfte ... schmunzeln müssen" mean? Is he allowed to smile, or must he smile, or what?


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"dürfte" is Konjunktiv II of "dürfen" and means as much as "most likely" in this context. The whole sentence therefore means that "he most likely has to smile".


"Dürfte etwas müssen" can be translated to "probably had to do something"


The "Gerüchte" are so funny/crazy that the author of the sentence expects Marco Reus to smile despicte the bad "Führerschein-Affäre".

It's like "most likely we can expect Marco Reus to smile".

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