I was just wondering about a specific translation:

German for clever people

Would that be translated thus?

Deutsch für die klugen Leute

And specifically about word order for adjectives and appropriate usage of vocabulary.


The phrase

correct: Deutsch für die klugen Leute.

is grammatically correct. However, normally you wouldn't use the article die here:

better: Deutsch für kluge Leute.

And even now there's still a more idiomatic phrase for clever/smart people which is kluge Köpfe (literally: smart heads). So my suggestion is:

more idiomatic: Deutsch für kluge Köpfe.

I have no idea what German for clever people is. The language doesn't change with regard to intelligence, does it?

  • Regarding the small print: Sounds like a book title or something similar to me – fifaltra Dec 30 '14 at 12:10

Ich würde sagen:

Deutsch für die Schlauen

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