Which word would you use to translate the English adjective spoiled, like in the example:

He is really a spoiled kid.

Would you recommend using the word verzogen? Is that what most people would say? Is it correct?

  • Yep, "verzogenes Gör/Blag/Balg" passt gut. Notfalls auch "verzogenes Kind" ;)
    – Carsten S
    Jan 18 '15 at 17:09

I'd like to second what Veredomon already said. For reference see this Ngram.

Note, however, that there's basically a difference between the words verzogen and verwöhnt:

  • verwöhnt:
    anspruchsvoll , wählerisch, man weiß viele Dinge nicht mehr zu schätzen
    (hard to please, choosy, you've stopped appreciating little things)
  • verzogen:
    'falsch' oder 'schlecht' erzogen
    ('wrongly' or 'badly' brought up)

Verzogen usually suggests verwöhnt, but not vice versa.


Verwöhntes or verzogenes Kind. I'd say, however, that verwöhnt is more common, although it is essentially more neutral. Verzogen sounds a little bit dated to me.

  • verwöhnt ist in dem Kontext sicher keine akkurate Übersetzung, weil es positiv klingt (spoiled bedeutet u. A. auch verdorben, wenn auch im Kontext von Nahrungsmitteln). Siehe auch dict.cc/?s=spoiled+brat
    – user15822
    Nov 15 '19 at 18:34

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