In this article by Mark Johnson, the term profit formula is used. He describes it like so:

The profit formula is the blueprint that defines how the company creates value for itself while providing value to the customer.

I could only come up with "Gewinnschema" / "Gewinnformel", but don't really think this is a good translation.


Dictionaries say:

formula: Formel/Rezept profit: Nutzen/Gewinn/Profit

But a Profitformel sounds odd. Thinking of a company this makes me use the word "plan" or "model" - like a 'Finanzplan'.

So I think Profitmodell or even more Erfolgsmodell sounds good to me.

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  • I really like "Profitmodell", thanks! – Christian Jan 22 '15 at 15:50

Vielleicht "das Geheimnis des Erfolges"? Oder Erfolgsrezept? Auch wenn beides nicht wörtlich ist.

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  • Diese Übersetzungen wären leider wirklich schon zu weit weg vom Ursprung, denke ich. Trotzdem danke! – Christian Jan 21 '15 at 22:11

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