According to my online dictionary entsprechend as adjective means:

appropriate, respective, corresponding

and as adverb:

accordingly, proportionately

As examples, the following sentences are given:

Die Fehlerquelle muss entsprechend geprüft werden.

In diesem Fall hat sich X bemüht, eine Alternative zu finden, die Ihre Reise so wenig wie möglich beeinträchtigt, und wir haben Ihren Reiseplan entsprechend aktualisiert.

In both cases, I assume that entsprechend is used as an adverb and means accordingly.

Can anyone give me an example sentence in which entsprechend is used as an adjective?


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For many words, the online Duden gives neat examples of usage.

Another example:

Um 50g Abecedol herstellen zu können, muss zunächst die entsprechende Menge an Alphabetan opequriert werden.

There are a few possible reasons why it is not stated how much Alphabetan is exactly needed. Maybe it's an unsightly long decimal number, or maybe mentioning that something needs to be opequrized in the first place is more important than the exact amount.

Note that entsprechend is the present participle of entsprechen.

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