For my German translation needs, I use Beolingus. I searched the translation for the word Bedrohung, which would mean menace or threat, but I see that Androhung and Drohung mean the same thing.

Is there a difference I am missing?


An "Androhung" or "Drohung" requires that you can assume an intentional stance towards the threatening agent - a mobster threatening to smash up your store, or a government issuing an ultimatum. These things are are always delivered explicitly, usually via words (although a raised fist may suffice). A typical "Androhung":

Morgen wirst du verprügelt!

A "Bedrohung" can (but doesn't have to) be entirely circumstantial: a settlement may be threatened by plundering bandits whether they announce themselves or not, and it can even be threatened by extreme cold. A typical "Bedrohung" is that of atomic energy, which people fear both because an accident might pollute an entire province, and because nuclear war might destroy entire continents.

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    Androhen benötigt ein Akkusativobjekt, daher sollte auch Androhung nicht alleine stehen. Eine Androhung von Prügel ist eine Drohung. – Carsten S Jan 25 '15 at 13:53

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