Consider translating this question:

Whom is she dependent on?

My try would be:

Wem ist sie abhängig von?

Unfortunately, my grammar book doesn’t cover questions with passive and examples from Google searches only show examples of using the passive voice – not questioning with it.

Or should I completely rephrase it, something like:

Wem ist (the subject), von (...) sie abhängig ist?

  • Note that your English sentence is not in the passive voice. It only has a somewhat unusual (but AFAIK correct) word order.
    – Wrzlprmft
    Feb 18, 2015 at 21:09

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I wouldn't say it's passive voice, because "abhängig" is an adjective. What you are after is:

Von wem ist sie abhängig?

in case you are sure the object she depends on is a person.

A variant is

Wovon ist sie abhängig?

in case the answer might not be a person.

A rule of thumb for verbs with prepositions like "abhängen von", "sich beschäftigen mit" and hundreds of them, would be to formulate the question by concatenating

Wo+preposition verb subject and so on. ?

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