Someone greeted me with "Alle ums Kill" as a farewell. What does that mean? Hint, it seems to have something to do with archery because it was used in this context.

I assume (assume very hard ;P) that it's something like "Waidmanns Heil" or "Petri Heil".


A "normal" greeting among archers might be "Alle ins Gold" ("I wish you success so that all your arrows may hit into the golden centre of the target"). A variant of archery uses 3D animal shapes instead of the usual disk-shaped target with concentric rings. In this variant, there is no "gold" but a "kill" (apparently from the english word). That would make the greeting "Alle ins kill". I suppose you either misheard that, or "Alle ums kill" is an ironic variant.

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  • Thank you :) That also might explain why I didn't find anything googling for "Alle ums Kill" – OddDev May 28 '15 at 17:15

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