What does "Fehlbelegungsabgabe" mean?

I didn't find a definition anywhere, I just found a Wikipedia page: Here

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    You link to Wikipedia, where you can read a detailed explanation, and then ask us here? What do you expect of us? That we add more information? That we translate it into other languages? What? May 31 '15 at 16:52
  • @HubertSchölnast: Bureaucratic language even in the mild extent used by Wikipedia to explain the term is difficult to understand even for advanced learners. The vast majority of what I read and write is in English and yet I find it at time difficult to understand such texts, even if they are written for human readers (i.e., not lawyers).
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    May 31 '15 at 19:58

The Wikipedia-page explains it in detail.

The word is combined by three parts Fehl-belegung-abgabe. Fehl is related to Fehler (error). Belegung is occupancy, Abgabe is a fee.

In Germany exist appartments for people with no/low income. The rent is very low.

It can happen, that you live in such an apartment and you find a new job with a higher salary. So you earn too much to have the right to live in the apartment. You can still stay in the apartment, but you have to pay this Fehlbelegungsabgabe. It is the fee to pay, because your occupancy in this subsidized apartment is not correct.

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