I have a new puppy that I am registering and want to make sure that I use the proper word for the title "Lady" (noble).

For example: Lady Cassiopeia of Kimbertal

I am not sure if it should be one of the following or something completely different:

  • Dame Cassiopeia von Kimbertal
  • Herrin Cassiopeia von Kimbertal

I have also seen the word Adlige used but I am not sure that it is used as a title.


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Neither »Dame« nor »Herrin« are aristocratic titles.

In German the word »Herrin« often is used as a synonym for »Domina« (dominatrix or mistress in the sexual-fetish sense of the word).

The word »Dame« can only be used like the English word »woman«. It is just a nobler version of »Frau«.

If you want to choose a german noble rank, you might find one here: Adelstitel in Wikipedia. For a female dog I would suggest:

  • Gräfin (engl.: countess)
  • Freifrau (engl.: baroness)
  • Baronin (engl.: baroness)
  • Fürstin (engl.: princess)
  • Prinzessin (engl.: princess)
  • Edle von (engl.: noble of)
  • Frau von (engl.: lady)

But it might also be interesting for you, that in German spoken countries many female dogs are named:


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