My German is currently not good so please use English so I can understand

according to this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_nouns#Declension_for_case

II: Personal names, all neuter and most masculine nouns have genitive case -(e)s endings

It said "all neuter" that mean including neutral n-nouns but

III: Masculine and neuter n-nouns take -(e)n for genitive, dative and accusative

so what exactly is neuter n-nouns in genitive case

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I think the Wikipedia page is wrong about point III. According to the German version of the same article

Anmerkung: Hier gibt es keine Neutra

which is literally saying that in group III there are no neuter nouns.


You asked »what exactly is neuter n-nouns in genitive case«, and there is exactly one German word that is neuter and an n-noun (all other n-nouns are masculine, and no other neuter noun is an n-noun):

das Herz

(the heart)

  • Singular
    • Nominativ

      Eines der wichtigsten Organe des Menschen ist das Herz.

    • Genitiv

      Ich spüre das Pochen des Herzens.

      (Only as medical term: Hier befindet sich der Vorhof des Herzes.)

    • Dativ

      Schenke deine Aufmerksamkeit mehr dem Herzen.
      but also:
      Schenke deine Aufmerksamkeit mehr dem Herz.

    • Akkusativ

      Dr. Frankenstein to his servant: »Igor, reiche mir das Herz herüber.«

  • Plural
    • Nominativ

      Die Herzen der Zuschauer schlugen höher.

    • Genitiv

      Die Zubereitung der Herzen bereitete dem Koch große Freude.

    • Dativ

      Erich gab den Herzen auf seinem Bild eine besonders kräftige Farbe.

    • Akkusativ

      Seine Rede erreichte die Herzen der Zuhörer.

  • Isn't das Herz a weak neuter noun? And with multiple choice endings in the genetive: Der Schlag meines Herzens/Herzen?
    – user23260
    Commented Aug 30, 2016 at 21:02

Unfortunately, there is no rule for it, some nouns take s others es or ens or en. they are classified by categories , take a look at the following link: http://www.dietz-und-daf.de/GD_DkfA/Gramminfo/txt_MII1/Nominal-Flexion%20Q1%20Info.pdf

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