From studio d A1 page 86:

Nächste Woche Montag um 9 Uhr 30?

Hm, da kann ich nicht, da arbeite ich. Geht es auch 15 Uhr?

Ja, das geht auch.

What does "Geht es auch" mean in this sentence?

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    "Geht es auch um 15 Uhr", muss es m.E. heißen. Commented Aug 18, 2015 at 21:32

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Wiktionary definition 11:

funktionieren, machbar sein

Duden definition 10a:

sich machen lassen; möglich sein

Gehen in that sense is likely translated as to work.

Does 3 PM work for you?
Yes, that works for me.


Etwas geht is another way of saying etwas ist möglich (something is possible).


"Geht es auch 15 Uhr?" is not at all unusual in colloquial German, but I would consider it slightly improper. It feels like a blend of the following more correct questions:

Geht es auch um 15 Uhr? - Literal translation: Does it [= the appointment we are in the process of making] also work at 3 p.m.?

Geht auch 15 Uhr? - Literal translation: Does 3 p.m. also work?

In reality, "Geht es auch 15 Uhr?" is probably not a blend, though, but is the result of dropping um in the variant "Geht es auch um 15 Uhr?". In informal speech, um can sometimes dropped when indicating an hour. This is very similar to how at can sometimes be dropped when indicating an hour in English - not just formally but also in terms of usage restrictions and connotations.


It should be Geht es auch 15 Uhr?, i e there should be a question mark. It means Does 3 pm work, too?

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