If, for instance, I want to say something like... ''I would like something to QUENCH my thirst with'', can I put it like this in German?

Ich möchte etwas zum meinen Durst löchern.

Further illustration regarding likewise constituent sequences is highly appreciated. Thanks.

  • The thing you are looking for is an infinitive construction; both in German and in English. Why did a grammar book not help? I vote to close.
    – Jan
    Sep 13, 2015 at 21:19

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"Ich möchte etwas, um meinen Durst zu löschen."

(durch-) "löchern" means to make (many) holes.

The general sentence structure in these cases is "Ich möchte / brauche / will etwas, um etwas anderes zu tun". The first part is about what you want, then you use ", um goal zu verb infinitive".

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