I've tried googling it up, but to no direct success. Google translate suggests

Es geht nur um die Vermarktung.


Es ist alles über die Vermarktung

Is any one of that correct? I'm a little confused with the noun choice, for one thing. Also, there seems to be a parallel text of

Jetzt geht’s um die Wurst! = It’s all about the sausage now!

So, does

Geht's um das Marketing

convey the meaning and not sound awkward? Also, is it Nominative or Genitive? What's happening here, grammatically?

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    I'd suggest "Es dreht sich alles (nur) ums Marketing.", which literally sets the marketing into the center of considerations. Marketing is not translated in economic speech anymore. Oct 15, 2015 at 21:08
  • Does the bracketed "nur" mean the difference between "it's all only about the marketing" and the same without the "only"? Also, could you post this as an answer? Oct 15, 2015 at 21:17

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My suggestion is

Es dreht sich alles (nur) ums Marketing

1) Marketing is literally set into the center of considerations, just like “it’s all about”

2) The nur is a possible emphasis, so that it is not only in the center of considerations, but in fact the only thing that really matters. A way of thinking presumably normal in current economics.

3) Marketing could be translated, but it is not common anymore in economic context.

But it can also be understood (with or without nur) as a ranting surrender to reality, depending on pronunciation and context (just like in English, I presume).


Es geht nur um die Vermarktung

ist schon in Ordnung, wobei Marketing heute ein allgemeinverständliches Fremdwort ist, das man so übernehmen kann.

Manchmal passt sicherlich auch Image was natürlich nicht weniger ein Fremdwort ist.

Es geht nur ums Ansehen

um Äußerlichkeiten

um die Fassade

wären weitere Alternativen.


My suggestion for a translation would be

"Marketing ist alles!"

As for your suggestion: "Geht's um das Marketing." sounds more like a question to me - the verb is in first position, the subject ("'s") in second. You could say "Es geht um das Marketing." to make it a normal sentence. Depending on what you would like to express, you'll also have to add a modal adverb like "ausschließlich":

"Es geht ausschließlich ums Marketing."

But this sentence lacks the quality of "smugness" implied in the English original, IMO (but I could be wrong here, and a lot depends on context).

Apart from that, das Marketing is neither Nominativ nor Genitiv, but Akkusativ in this case.

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