What is the difference in meaning between these two sentences and which one is correct for a formal e-mail?

  • Wie besprochen sende ich Ihnen meine E-Mail Adresse.
  • Wie gesprochen sende ich Ihnen meine E-Mail Adresse.

(We had talked on the telephone, if that makes any difference.)

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Wie besprochen ...

is the correct one.

Wie gesprochen ...

doesn't make sense.

"Sprechen", of which "gesprochen" is a form, focusses more on the act of speaking. "Besprechen" focusses on the topics that are spoken about.

  • "Wie gesprochen" macht in wenigen Ausnahmen durchaus sinn. Beispiel: "Da das Wort 'Baum' keine stummen Laute enthält, wird es geschrieben wie gesprochen."
    – jawo
    Commented Oct 2, 2014 at 10:06

It's two different words: besprochen is the past participle of besprechen (discuss, talk about); gesprochen is the past participle of sprechen (speak, talk).

  • Wie besprochen -> As discussed
  • Wie gesprochen -> As spoken

One should use "Wie besprochen" in German and "As discussed" in English as other sentence doesn't make much sense in both the languages.

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