What is the difference between the sentences below? How does euch modify the meaning?

Seht euch mal eure Liste an!
Seht mal eure Liste an!


Seht euch mal eure Liste an.

I try to translate with comments:

Youplural have a look at your list.

Normally in English you don't use the leading »You«, so the standard-translation would be:

Have a look at your list.

Now let's look in the 2nd sentence:

Seht mal eure Liste an.

This simply is:

Have a look at your list.

So, if you translate both sentences into English, you end up with the same translation.

In German there is a marginal difference in the meaning of:

  1. Sich etwas ansehen.
  2. Etwas ansehen.

2 just means: to watch something, to look at something. But in 1 you pay more attention on what you are looking at. It's just the grade of attention that makes the difference.

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