I was searching for the meaning of Lernfeldübergreifende or Lernfeldübergreifende Fachgebiet but I didn’t find any reliable translation.

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lernen (Verb) = to learn
Feld (Substantiv) = field, area, orbit, ...

this gives:
Lernfeld (Substantiv) = learning orbit, area of learning, but very often just lernfeld (as german loanword)

übergreifen, übergreifend

über (Präposition) = over
greifen (Verb) = to grab
greifend (Adjektiv oder Verb, Partizip Präsens) = grabbing

übergreifen (Verb) = literally to grab over, but in fact means to overlap
übergreifend (Adjektiv oder Verb, PP) = overlapping, across, overall, comprehensive


lernfeldübergreifend (Adjektiv o.V.PP) = lapping over learning orbits, going across areas of learning


Fach (Substantiv) has many meanings. Here: subject (of education)
Gebiet (Substantiv) = area, reagion

Fachgebiet (Substantiv) is just a synonym of Fach, so Fachgebiet = subject (of education)

all together

lernfeldübergreifendes Fachgebiet = A subject of education that overlaps some learning orbits.

I guess you can say it shorter:

A comprehensive subject.


Given the academic context, I'd translate it as

Interdisciplinary subject


Lernfeldübergreifende Fachgebiet means, it is a subject which includes an overall learning field

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