I came across this sentence and my German skills failed me.

Sie erzählt mir von "ihrem/ihren" "neuen/neuem" Job.

What is correct: "ihrem oder ihren" and why?

"neuen oder neuem" and why?


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    Have you looked in your grammar book? What did it say about it? – Eller Jan 8 '16 at 23:39

After von, you use dative.

Thus it is:

Sie erzählt mir von ihrem neuen Job.

It's not a problem that mir is dative as well because mir does not have a preposition in front but ihrem neuen Job does. (There are even cases where the same case is used multiple times in the same sentence without prepositions)

With dative and masculine/neuter nouns, you use the -m form with the first article/adjective and the -n form with every following article/adjective.

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