Was hast du da alles gemacht?

I know that alles means ‘all’ and gemacht means ‘doing’ or ‘making’, and of course Was means ‘what’ and hast means past of haben.

And how can one answer this question?

I am thinking the question is asking ‘what have you done?’

What is the correct English translation of "Was hast du da alles gemacht?"

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    What actually is the question here? You successfully broke the quote down into all its particles and it looks like you put them together correctly. Are you confused about the da? Also, you are wrong in saying hast means past of habenhast is the present tense of haben and together with gemacht they form a perfect tense.
    – Jan
    Jan 31 '16 at 0:08
  • The question is a request for a list of all things you have done in a context that was berumably provided (maybe a project or something similar). You would best reply by providing the list.
    – Burki
    Feb 10 '16 at 10:02
  • Possible duplicate of What does “alles” mean here? Feb 10 '16 at 13:02

The person wants to know in what activities you were involved in a place you were talking about. For example: "What did you do while on vacation?"

You could reply with examples: "Ich habe zum Beispiel ein Konzert besucht."

Despite asking for "alles" / everything you did, you are not supposed to give an account of every last thing usually in a smalltalk situation.

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    Another idea that came to my mind is talking about a former job/employer. Feb 2 '16 at 9:03
  • You are correct. It can be used in different situations. That's why I kept the initial sentence so vague
    – Jens
    Feb 2 '16 at 9:05
  • sure, I totally agree with you. Just wanted to give additional hints. ;) Feb 2 '16 at 9:06
  • I know, much appreciated! More examples are always helpful for potential readers. Cheers.
    – Jens
    Feb 2 '16 at 9:07

One may also ask this question to express something like "What a mess have you done?!", depending on the context.

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