When writing German I often write a noun and then wonder which verb would be the best first for it, e.g. I write

bei einer Firma, wo wir eine ähnliche Lösung _______ haben.

then I wonder what would be the best verb:

  • eingesetzt
  • gefunden
  • gebaut

It would be nice to have a (concordance?) site to go to where I type in "Lösung" and it tells me the ten most common verbs used with that noun.

Where is the best site to get this kind of information?

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+"lösung * haben" ingenieur | projekt

I use linguee quite alot (probably uses a own search algorithm for google and mainly the google index, someone knows?), but why not use google itself? Linguee seems to fit better if you want correct translation of a phrase, searching google with code above you also find

Lösung entwickelt/erarbeitet haben (which sounds imo much better than gefunden/gebaut)

I added ingenieur | projekt for the correct context/people using this formulation


Duden has some limited capabilities to find computer generated associations with adjectives, verbs or other nouns. However some of these results don't make sense or are immensely dependent on context (e.g. here "einen".

Another place you can look up is DWDS where some citations are listed for a given word.


Linguee works reasonably well, but doesn't give statistics:



But the most often used term needn't be a good choice. For example, if you construct something, gebaut can be appropriate, but maybe gefunden, which would fit for creative work, research and so on better, is in general used more often, but your building solution might not involve research at all.


Sorry, but I consider your sentence snippet as insufficient to recognize the context, and I'm sceptical, that any dictionary will by chance find an appropriate combination.

It is important, whether you just configured an off-the-shelf solution (then konfiguriert or simply im Einsatz would fit), whether you intelligently combined some of such solutions or really implemented something from scratch (in both cases entwickelt or implementiert would fit).

Gefunden may sound too occasional for any systematic commercial approach, and gebaut reminds me on developer's slang.


You can find the collocations you are looking for at the Sketch Engine's free version:


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