How do we say the phrase like the only right decision in German? Is it like

der alleinige richtige Entscheid"?

It doesn't sound very well for me. Do we really say alleinige richtige or we can merge these two words into one?

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Der Entscheid would be a helveticism. Outside Switzerland, most speakers prefer die Entscheidung.

Possible translations for only in this context are alleinig+ or allein+ and, preferably, einzig+. Two inflections are possible for all of them, depending on whether it’s considered an adverb that qualifies just the adjective richtig+ or an adjective for richtige Entscheidung. As an adverb it would not use any inflection suffix and as an adjective it would have to agree with case, number and gender of Entscheidung (NomSgFem), like richtige does. Although they can be encountered used differently, I would recommend to restrict allein to adverbial use and alleinig to adjective use.


  • die einzig richtige Entscheidung, der einzig richtigen …
  • die allein richtige Entscheidung, der allein richtigen …


  • die einzige richtige Entscheidung, der einzigen richtigen …
  • die alleinige richtige Entscheidung, der alleinigen richtigen …

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