I have a brief question on verb conjugation.

I'm aware of the standard ones like, for example, the verb trinken conjugates to ich trinke du trinkst er/sie/es trinkt

But when referring to a general person, such as a random boy, it is

Der Junge trinken Wasser

Here trinket is conjugated to trinken as opposed to trinket etc. Is there a specific rule for this type of conjugation?

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    How do you come to the impression, that it is 'Der Junge trinken Wasser'? It is 'trinkt'. And the last sentence has to be 'Here trinken is conjugated to ... ' but obviously based on wrong assumptions too, so hard to correct. Commented Mar 25, 2016 at 18:24
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    You might want to rephrase your question. trinket is not (at least not in modern German) a valid German verb form. And the correct form of your example would be Der Junge trinkt Wasser. Correcting these faults somehow invalidates your question. Also I'm lost what "general person" you're referring to.
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    Commented Mar 25, 2016 at 22:56

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Singular: Ich trinke, du trinkst, er / sie / es trinkt

Plural: wir trinken, ihr trinkt, sie trinken

So the sentence is:

Der Junge (er) trinkt Wasser.

Another option does not exist. "Der Junge trinken Wasser." is wrong.

"Trinken" is only correct, when you speak about several boys, for example

Die Jungen trinken Wasser.


I not a grammar expert, just a native speaker, but I'd say you've got something wrong.

a) "trinket" is not a verb I've ever come across in my life (although it does exist as "2. Person Plural Präsens im Kunjunktiv I" - see here)

b) "der Junge (noun! therefore a capital "J") trinkt Wasser" is a very normal case of 3rd person simple present, just as you have quoted

the verb trinken conjugates to: ich trinke, du trinkst, er/sie/es trinkt

Hence, I don't think there is a special kind of conjugation here...


I think your question comes down to what is meant by 'the third person'.

1st person - the person or people speaking or writing (I, me, we or us)

2nd person - the person or people being written or spoken to (you)

3rd person - everyone/everything else (random strangers, the dog, the weather, organisations, situations, moods, periods of time etc.)

So the random boy would be in the 3rd person (er trinkt).

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