I was wondering which was correct:

Hör auf damit!


Hör damit auf!

The Wikipedia page about German sentence structure says:

The separable prefix, if there is one, remains at its old place, separated.

So, I would think that the second one is correct.

However, when I do a Google search, both appear correct since they both pop up as suggestions.

Are they both correct, or did some people just type it into Google wrong?

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    Both are possible, but that’s not true in general. You could, e.g., say Hör endlich auf!, but Hör auf endlich! isn’t grammatical.
    – chirlu
    Mar 30, 2016 at 15:34

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It is the same as with regular sentences. The unmarked case is that the detachable prefix goes to the end of the sentence:

Hör damit auf.

Like the regular sentence:

Ich höre damit auf.

As with regular sentences, constituents can be right-dislocated to the slot after the end verb/detachable prefix. That position is called Nachfeld in German grammar:

Hör auf damit.

Like the regular sentence:

Ich höre auf damit.

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