In English, one might say

He smokes like a chimney.

Given the incredibly creative German insults that I've come across (see this German.SE question), I'd like to know what (derogatory) terms/expressions are used for smokers.


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If a smoker smells of cold smoke (and for a non-smoker all smokers do), he is ein laufender Aschenbecher (a walking ashtray)

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    I often hear "walking ashtray" in English also. Apr 2, 2016 at 16:33

"Er raucht wie ein Kamin" - I haven't encountered that one yet.

Er raucht wie ein Schlot

with "Schlot" being a high, tall thin chimney of a factory or coal power plant, but not the regular chimney through which Santa Claus enters.

Another for someone who smokes lots would be

Kettenraucher (=chain smoker)

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    +1 both terms are common (albeit not really derogative)
    – Arsak
    Apr 2, 2016 at 19:40

I never heard anybody saying these expressions, but a male smoker I personally call

Luftbekacker (air shitter, someone who shits in the air).

And a female smoker I call

Tabakschlampe (tobacco slut).

The female version of Luftbekacker is Luftbekackerin.

Accordingly instead of rauchen (to smoke) I say die Luft bekacken (to shit in the air).

  • I've heard Tabakschlampe (for males and females), but very seldom and most times as selfdescription of smokers, e.g. "Ich muss mal wieder raus eine Rauchen, du weißt ja, was für eine Tabakschlampe ich bin. Ich kann Tabak einfach nicht wiederstehen."
    – Iris
    Apr 2, 2016 at 18:37
  • @Iris Probably because it would be very derogative to call others like that :)
    – Arsak
    Apr 2, 2016 at 19:37
  • @Marzipanherz, I don't think so. I think it is less bad than e.g. Laufender Aschenbecher. Btw, I've never hear Luftbekacker.
    – Iris
    Apr 4, 2016 at 12:32
  • @Iris I'd find it difficult to rank them. But I'd rather expect to hear them either as an insult or maybe mockingly among really close friends. In contrast, the words from Susanne's post I could also imagine among more distant people, e.g. colleagues. And I agree, learned quite a few new words as well.
    – Arsak
    Apr 5, 2016 at 19:03

As another alternative: The Cigarette Smoking Man character from the X Files was sometimes derogatively referred to as Cancer Man1. In the German dubbing, this was (in my opinion, fittingly) translated as Krebskandidat.

1: He was so high up in the ranks of a secret agency that even his name was secret and unknown to the protagonists for much of the series. As he usually was rather on the antagonistic side, quite some characters had reasons to hold a grudge against him and refer to him in not-too-polite a manner.


Teerhalde, Suchti, Quarzer, Dampfer, Stummellutscher, Paffer (obviously) are terms I have come across.

Kiffer targeting at ("normal") cigarette smokers I have heard as well (Even if kiffen it is an expression for smoking pot, normally).

  • +1 für Quarzer, Suchti und Stummellutscher. -1 for Kiffer.
    – Iris
    Apr 4, 2016 at 12:34
  • Nicht fair: 0+3-1 = 2 :D
    – tofro
    Apr 4, 2016 at 19:43
  • Da hast du Recht ;)
    – Iris
    Apr 5, 2016 at 6:33

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