I'm looking for something like this: http://www.visca.com/regexdict/, but for the German language. does anyone know of a website, or application, that provides this functionality? I've tried Langenscheidt, Duden, and worder.cat; the former two don't provide this functionality, the latter only provides me with up to 1200 words, and even then only a limited number of different characters, which just doesn't cut it.

The reason I need RegEx, is I'm programming a school project (Hangman), and I'd like to add as many words as I can find, in four different levels.

Thanks in advance!

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Ispell has dictionaries that (in the uncompressed form) consist of text files where each line contains a word, together with rule markers to generate affix forms if you need them. Here's the German one (new spelling) with 94210 words.

You can use standard programs like grep, or whatever library your programming language provides, to search in this file for regular expressions.

You may need to convert the umlaut markings to your encoding (utf-8, or whatever you use). Again, this can easily be done with standard programs (e.g. sed, or perl).


Aspell provides command-line utilities that spit out its word list, e.g.:

aspell -l de dump master | aspell -l de expand

will give you a list of all 364 thousand German words it considers correct.

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