I have multiple compound words with the same ending word:

  • Listeneinträge,
  • Gruppeneinträge,
  • Inventareinträge,
  • Verlaufseinträge

When I put them all in a sequence, is this the correct way to write?

Listen- Gruppen- Inventar und Verlaufseinträge

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The hyphen can indeed be used to prereference a second element of a word which is only explicitly written once at the end of said list. However, the list requires commas between all entries that are not followed by und, and a hyphen at the end of every word where a bit is missing. So the correct way would be:

Listen-, Gruppen-, Inventar- und Verlaufseinträge.

You can also use this at the beginning of an entry reversely:

Eintragsprobleme, -möglichkeiten, -varianten und -chancen.

And you can combine the two:

Gruppenein- und -austragungen.

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