1. etwas, was Privilegierten vorbehalten war, allgemein zugänglich, erreichbar machen; z.B. das Reisen demokratisieren

I am wondering whether there is any alternative verb to demokratisieren in the sense aforementioned?

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    Der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen or even veröffentlichen? I’m curious about less bulky alternatives.
    – dakab
    Jun 7, 2016 at 4:45

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Depending on your use-case, popularisieren may be an alternative, but mind that it is not a synonym. It does not connotate that access was privileged beforehand, more that it has not been widely known. It also connotates that the subject is actually popular afterwards, rather than just accessible. This is usually used for cultural and consumable goods.

Then there is publik machen, which is sharing knowledge previously limited to a smaller body of people. This is actually a synonym, but only for knowledge (and I certainly wouldn't use demokratisieren in that context). Duden even allows publikmachen, though I haven't seen it written like that anywhere.

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    +1 for popularisieren. I find the meaning, which Duden states to demokratisieren off the mark, since only the demos (Greek: people) part is useful, and the kratie (Greek: power) not applicable.
    – guidot
    Jun 7, 2016 at 7:16
  • für den Massenmarkt verfügbar machen,
    also für alle … ’everyone‘
    or für jeden … ’anyone‘ (synonymous jedermann is better avoided)

  • für die [breite] Masse anbieten,
    also für [Otto] Normalverbraucher … ’Joe Sixpack‘,
    similar: für den Kleinen Mann [auf der Straße] …
    or für die Kleinen Leute …

  • auf dem Endverbrauchermarkt einführen,
    also … [fest] etablieren

  • zu einem Massenprodukt machen

  • massenfähig machen

  • gesellschaftsfähig machen
    (like hoffähig and salonfähig, this could be understood to apply to the noble class, die bessere Gesellschaft, e.g. a former taboo or stigmatized topic)

  • Volks- as in Volkswagen, Volksempfänger
    (sometimes seen as a problematic word, but at least Bild still gets away with it)

  • [massenweise / allgemein] verbreiten

  • durchsetzen

  • den [Massen-]Markt durchdringen,
    … erreichen,
    … penetrieren or … erschließen


Maybe legitimieren in the sense of befugen.

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