I’m looking for a list of ways in which prepositions can be combined with each other to mean new things, for example

ab und zu – now and then

bis auf – except for

I’ve tried to google this extensively, but Google keeps thinking I’m talking about either two-way prepositions (prepositions that can be either accusative or dative) or verb–preposition combinations.

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    Your two examples are different things - I would not see "Ab und zu" as a double preposition - The conjunction between the p.s changes things. "bis" is the most prominent that comes to my mind to form double or even triple prepositions: "Die Strasse reichte bis hin zu den Bergen". "Jenseits von" and "diesseits von" are other examples. Some people claim those words are no longer prepositions in such a usage, but rather adverbs
    – tofro
    Jul 19 '16 at 12:51

Back when I learned German, I just opened each preposition in this dictionary and wrote down all combinations. If you check auf and bis, you will already find:

  • auf und ab
  • auf und nieder
  • bis auf
  • bis zu

and a few more. Just go through all of them (they are not that many)!

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