I'm a bit confused about this sentence because Imbissstände is plural, but einen is singular accusative and I'm not sure if der is plural genitive or masculine nominative.

  • "einen" is singular, because you only see one "Imbissstand", not all of them. In English, you use singular as well: "Here you see one of the most famous ...".
    – user4973
    Commented Jul 20, 2016 at 6:43

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"Einen" is accusative singular

"der Imbissstände" is genitive plural

Ihr seht einen Imbissstand aus der Gruppe der berühmten Imbissstände

That is, one out of many.


  Hinter mir      seht        ihr       einen  der berühmtesten Imbissstände.
                                              └──────GENITIVE PLURAL NOUN PHRASE─────┘

Behind me you're seeing one of the most famous snack stalls.


Why do you assume that both should have the same case? Einen is in accusative singular, while der in genitive. Notice that der cannot be nominative, because the noun is in plural (Imbissstände).

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