I was discussing descriptive terms for a role playing games rule system in the rpg.SE chat, and we came up with the terms "Confidence" and "Overconfidence" for these artifacts.

I was wondering if there are any other/better translations than




that fit with a context where the subject of reference is doing something, for example cracking a computer or fighting an enemy, and the outcome is either positive or not anymore.

If you're interested, the whole discussion can be found here: rpg.SE chat transcript

It doesn't need to be a literal translation, I'd rather look for an analogue.

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I think that Confidence actually is closer to Selbstsicherheit or Selbstvertrauen.

Selbstüberschätzung seems to be the best translation for Overconfidence, though.
Unless you want to add an adjective to the others (like übersteigertes Selbstvertrauen).


Selbstbewusstsein should be replaced by Selbstvertrauen (Selbstbewusstsein is more of a basic character property; one can have more of less of it but it is not necessarily related to a specific context), and according to that übertriebenes or übersteigertes Selbstvertrauen would be my first choice for overconfidence.

  • I realise my mistake with that translation. However, an expression like "übertriebenes Selbstvertrauen" is far too long for the use as a rule artifact for an RPG. Commented Jul 26, 2016 at 13:06

Selbstbewusstsein is more like "selfconfidence".

As a noun:

confidence: Selbstvertrauen, Selbstsicherheit

overconfidence: Hochmut, Selbstüberschätzung

As an adjectiv:

in your case confident means selbstbewusst or/and selbstsicher and

overconfident means hochmütig or/and selbstüberschätzend.

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